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Nicolas Cage's Agent

By CollegeHumor

5.88M 72.44k 854 8,719

ShamWow Guy in Jail

By CollegeHumor

17.34M 168.7k 3,364 18.37k

Stormtroopers' 9/11

By CollegeHumor

12.79M 139.6k 3,391 19.4k

Cell Phone Reunion

By CollegeHumor

8.12M 72.15k 2,205 10.81k

Matrix Runs on Windows XP

By CollegeHumor

15.08M 142.3k 4,619 19.74k

Slash: My last words to Axl Rose


6.61M 10.54k 674 4,294


By CollegeHumor

19.62M 76.01k 3,983 10.1k

Guy Stuck in History Class

By CollegeHumor

51.44M 263.9k 13.16k 30.36k